Monday, May 19, 2008

Writers Block

Have you ever had a ton of things running around in your head you'd love to write about but just can't seem to get them to straighten themselves into coherent sentences? Ugh. Well, one of these days I'll figure out what this jumble of thoughts in my head is trying to say. At the moment it's rather depressing and I'm not sure that I'd like to share some really depressing thoughts.

I was really happy, and rather surprised, to get a graduation card from my fitness trainers this weekend. The sentiment was truly appreciated and almost made me cry. I did get some really cool graduation gifts. My parents gave me and my two best friends solid silver (okay, 0.999% solid silver) coins engraved with our names (preceded by Dr.) and the date of our graduation. My sister and her family went to Build-A-Bear and made me a stuffed bear and got a white coat online with Dr. Stacie stitched on it (that one made me cry). I received cards and gifts from church people too and well wishes from friends and teachers at school.

I'm a little bit lost as now what? I feel like three years is done and I'm a little lost as to where I go from here. I can't actually practice as a pharmacist until I take the licensing exams later this summer or early fall (hopefully sooner rather than later) but I am still working. I have to study for those crazy exams too. Ick! Plus, I'd like to spend some time with my family and doing some traveling. It's a crazy summer coming up and my heads reeling from the thought of everything I have to do!

It's also kind of strange to have the house to myself again. I'd say it's quiet but that's not it as my upstairs neighbors are NEVER quiet! Even if I try to go to bed early I have to use ear plugs so I don't hear them and then I'm afraid I'll never hear the alarm at 4:45. I guess it's just more loneliness than anything else. And I'm not really sure why I feel lonely. I have three people that want to get together with me this week but I don't have time to. Maybe it's lonely because the people I expected to congratulate me on graduating have actually FORGOTTEN! WTH??

Oh well, I will lay down in bed and smile rather than cry as I think about my five year old niece helping my sister clean up the house. My sister had asked her to move daddy's shoes to their bedroom so being that my brother-in-law has clown shoes (size 16) she could only carry one pair at a time. As she was carrying the second pair past the recliner chair where he was sitting she heard her say "I wish you'd get off your fat ass and do this yourself!"

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