Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And the Adventure Continues

Wow! It's been two and a half years since I've posted anything on here. Boy have things changed! I find it hard to believe sometimes just how much has changed. First of all, the day before I wrote my last post, the woman I'd been dating and I made it official that we were an exclusive couple. She did a lot of encouraging thru the next few months of training for that triathlon which I did in fact complete! What an awesome adventure that was!! My parents came from Iowa and Gina, my girlfriend, were there to support me on race day. It's an amazing feeling to be peddling down a beautiful road and have someone thank you for what you're doing. Why? Because I took part in that triathlon as part of the Team In Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I had raised over $2500 for cancer research. Random strangers who were also competing thanked me more than once while running my race. It was awesome and beautiful and exhilarating to say the least!

But wow, things have changed since then. It's been a little over two years and I've hardly set foot in the gym or at boot camp since then. My two awesome trainers at boot camp went their separate ways and the contrast between the two of them which always kept me on my toes went out the window. I liked the fact that they worked differently. It was a way to keep me from getting bored. When the two business partners went their separate way, it was a fight to see who was going to keep who for their "new" boot camps. I wasn't impressed and it turned me off to going to boot camp. Needless to say, I've gained back all the weight over the passed two and a half years. I still enjoy a good workout but I guess I haven't made it a priority, something I'd really like to change.

Let's see, what else do I need to bring you up to speed on. Hmmm, on the work front: Still a pharmacist. Still LOVE my job (most days!). In April 2009, less than a year after graduating and only nine months after getting licensed as a pharmacist, I was made the manager of the crazy busy pharmacy I worked at. I continued working there until this past March. In February, my company decided to shake things up and moved my awesome district manager to a new district and relocated my store into a district we should not have gone to. I instantly sent a message to my boss to "take me with you!" And there begins a new page in the story. I'm currently working in a rather difficult store an hour from home. Whereas my previous location was about 18 minutes to and from home. I wouldn't go back to my previous pharmacy without some major changes happening, the least of which would be bringing my boss back with me. I do enjoy my one hour commute as it gives me plenty of time to listen to books on tape. For those of you who may have this opportunity as well, SimplyAudiobooks.com is just like NetFlix only for books on CD. Love it! I've finally "read" some books that I've been waiting to read for years.

The next big development, I bought a house! YAY! We are finally out of that awful apartment complex. But before we left, the property manager actually moved in across the hall from us. That sort of made things a little better but there was no way I wanted to stay at that point. We bought our house in a town about 20 miles from there on December 8 and officially moved in right around the New Year 2011. We were promptly on the phone with RotoRooter after moving in. We bought a house that hadn't had occupants since the previous May or before and apparently the plumbing (and heating) needed a bit of an adjustment. Despite the yardwork and the maintenance, I LOVE my house! We should have done a little more research on our neighborhood but we have good neighbors on one side and across the street, a big dog and a fence so we're doing well!

I should mention the house we bought has SIX bedrooms. Well, could have six bedrooms. We set up three bedrooms and used the other rooms for other purposes (a library, a dressing room, and another large living room). But that leaves us lots and lots of room to entertain guests or have roommates.

So, we decided to host a foreign exchange student! Stay tuned for our adventures. He's been here for two weeks and we're having a great time!