Friday, May 30, 2008

Get "Philled" In

Nope, sorry guys, this isn't about Phil, the flying mouse. My friend just sent me a link to this hilarious commentary on youtube:

I like the way this guy thinks so I wanted to share it with anyone who reads this. Anyone who wants to poke fun at the Westboro Church's philosophy is someone I'd like to meet!

In other news, I can not wait for vacation! I would really just love to find a nice patch of green grass in the sun with a nice cool breeze and lay there for a couple hours. Soak up the sun, enjoy the smells and not have to think about the bills, the studying, the stress. Ah, the peace and quiet.

Thankfully, next week is vacation! Of course, peace and quiet are thrown out the window with two nephews age 8 and 2 and a niece age 5 but I like that kind of turmoil! Can't wait!

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