Friday, July 25, 2008

Easy Living

Sometimes I wonder why life is so difficult. Why can't we just live and let other people live? Why can't we all just get along? And when we are getting along so well, what happens to change that? Then I realize there are things called emotions and that's where all hell breaks loose and life becomes difficult. Here's a few examples I see both in my own life and in the world.

This moving to Maine thing was an easy decision for me to make but it's made some things in my life sort of difficult. I get up every morning to attend an exercise program called boot camp here in town and I LOVE IT!! It is often the highlight of my day just because I feel like I've accomplished something good before most of the world is even up. But I've grown attached to the people who run the camp and a few of the other participants. I will desperately miss these people and despite the pending move still being over five months away, I cry most days thinking about leaving them behind. I feel a little torn about the whole situation. I'll be happy to be living around family for the first time in my life but I will miss the people who have become my family here. Those darn emotions. If I'd just not become attached to people this wouldn't be a problem. But like I said before, I will definitely be back to visit.

Then on a larger scale we have things like wars and immigration issues that make life difficult. A person is only free to do what they'd like or say what they'd like basically in their own head. Even in "The Land of the Free" saying the wrong thing in the wrong place can get you thrown in jail or, worse, killed. Why is that? Because people seem to think their way of thinking is the only way to think. It's like the churches that think if you don't belong to this church you're going to hell. I don't believe that. I don't believe that any one person or any one church is perfectly right about, well, anything. Why does my government tell other countries who can and cannot live here when we ourselves are a nation of immigrants? I mean we did come over here and nearly wipe out the native people so who are we to tell other immigrants that they can't be a part of our country? (Wouldn't it be cool to have a Native American president. . . ) But we don't want more poor people here so we only allow the rich people from other countries into ours. You would think that if the government doesn't like having all these poor people around that they'd do something about the ones they've already got living here. But what do I know. I'm not a fan of politicians at the moment.

But anyways, let's get back to the beginning of how this blog even entered my mind. I was in the shower this morning and a song came on called "I'm a Mo'fo' Genius Because I've Got the Answer to World Peace." It's by this amazing transgender spoken word artist Athen's Boy Choir. I saw him live. He's great! He has no problem telling you straight up how he sees things. And he makes it sound so easy. These are the word (as best as I can get them while listening to the song) but I love, love, LOVE this song. You'll have to excuse the language but seriously I think in this case it might just be necessary.

I wanna write about politics
See I wanna write about politics
but to tell you the truth I can't even watch let alone keep up with the news
those crimson hews gets alluded in living rooms too far removed
so you see I wanna watch the news
but images of blown up kids have lost their shock value
and when you can see those pictures and not cry
suffice it to say you've been desensitized
suffice it to say I've been desensitized
see my grandma wished on falling starts
to see the end of falling bombs
and at just 26, well at just 26,
I've already witnessed two wars in the Middle East
that mysterious place overseas
over seen are we, those that disagree
and at not yet 30, well at not yet 30,
yes, at not yet 30,
I'm a mother fucking genius
'cause at not yet 30, I got the answer to world peace
and you know what?
it's beautiful in its simplicity
it's as easy as this. . .
stop blowing up shit
that's it.
stop blowing up shit
stop pulling the trigger that triggers more fingers on buttons of destruction
'cause you see,
the same stories been spun since histories begun
and we need evolution in these revolutions
what we need is to stop blowing up shit
Hell, I know Jesus didn't arise after being crucified for smart bombs
ain't nothing genius or clean about TNT
doesn't take a prodigy to count civilian casualties
and I ain't that quick
but I know enough to say
we gotta stop blowing up shit
we're already in danger of apocalypse of the human spirit
and we are more alike than we are different
more resilient than we know
and more fragile than we care to admit
so that's it
stop blowing up shit
stop shooting up villages
stop killin' kids
and if you must have war
if you gotta, need it, have it now
a war
well then hell,
that's what virtual reality is for
(insert Mario Bros. music here)
alright check this out
in the same what that Dance Dance Revolution is this kick ass cardio work out
we'll set up computer scenarios and set up platoons of Luigis and Marios
Donkey Kong can be in charge of missiles and bombs
and all the Ms. Pacmans will join hands
and finally bring that front line a mother fucking feminine side
and I know it sounds silly
but it's no more silly than blowing up buildings
so we can feel all good about rebuilding them buildings
we have the technology to fight this war on computer screens
the same way we have the language skills to write up them peace treaties
so that soldier's mothers don't have to be afraid of the phone
so that shell-shocked citizens don't really in reality loose their homes
so we don't have to identify bodies by DNA and dentals
so the death toll is just a number
a computer code
see, sometimes I find myself wishing on shooting stars
to see the end of shooting guns
and the beginning of something different

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