Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was reading some old blogs I'd posted (actually they aren't even that old) about some wierd random thoughts that I'd had on a couple of days. I'll cut and paste them down at the bottom of this blog but I find it odd thinking about "random" thoughts. Are they really all that random? I mean aren't most of our thoughts pretty random in general? I work in the healthcare field and some of the best medicines had to be random thoughts because who really thinks something in gila monster spit is going to make a great medicine for people with borderline diabetes? I mean really now! But our own random thoughts seem to be our most creative moments. Do you think the person who wrote the poems everyone knows and loves didn't start out with a random thought? About the only place in this world where random thoughts are frowned upon are schools. Which I find to be a bit of an oxymoron because schools are supposed to teach us to use our creativeness to find new ways to do things. How many of us had our creativity and imagination squelched by some teacher who was a little too enthusiastic with their red pen?

Thankfully many of us get through the craziness of a formal education with a tiny bit of our imagination intact. Some of us do not. And those are the people whose glass is half empty, who can't seem to see the brighter side of things because they've lost the ability to imagine something better. Of course, some of these people have wildly overactive imaginations and can picture the world being out to get them. So, I guess while most all of us lose the infallible imagination of our childhood many do retain a slightly warped version as adults. Maybe we see things a little more rosy than they are or maybe it's a little grayer but I guess it keeps us entertained (or other people anyway)!

Hmmm, that was kind of a random post but here are the promised "random thoughts" from past days:

How does Numa Numa get stuck in your head in the middle of the woods while it's pouring down rain? Better yet, how do you get it OUT of your head?

Why is it that everyone says that female drivers are so bad? I got rear-ended by an idiot GUY who wasn't watching the road! Frankly, women drivers are more polite and THAT'S what I think men have an issue with. Didn't your mothers ever teach you to take turns?

If the rain comes pouring in the hallway window of an apartment complex, does anyone care?

Whatever happened to common courtesy?

Hiking in the rain is awesome. Everyone should try it out!

Who ruined my fresh air with cigarette smoke?

Why do women put on perfume to go to an all women's gym at 5:30 in the morning? I wonder if they shower first too?

Unperforated toilet paper is about as fun as unperforated spiral notebooks. It's a little annoying but is it really necessary to be perforated? Scott Tissue needs to sharpen their perforating blades.

Do single adults or married adults act more like "adults?"

Why can't people figure out rotaries? And why do the construction companies insist on tearing out a perfectly good rotary and putting in something that confuses the hell out of all drivers?

Does having cruise control give you better gas mileage?

Why do I have chocolate in my gym bag?

A lot of people sure are in a hurry to get to the liquor store on a Friday night.

I love the smell of the organic food department in the grocery store.

(Seen on a bumper sticker) "I'm not anti-Bush. I'm anti-stupidity."

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